Why are you labeling people? You don't know for sure if Louis is gay yes he has some feminine qualities but that's stereotyping. Just because a guy has feminine qualities it does not make him gay.


I think he’s gay, is that a crime.

"You don’t know for sure if Louis is gay."

You don’t know if he’s straight. And don’t say he has a girlfriend, that doesn’t mean anything. Elton John had a wife, so did Ricky Martin. Look at them. What if I said he was straight?  No but if you call someone gay it’s an insult right? It’s people like you that make it look bad an insulting if you call someone gay. Well I am gay and it’s not. It’s how you say it. Simply saying someone is gay is perceived as such an insult, however if you say someone is straight it’s normal. Did I say it in an insulting voice, no it was more in a humor kind of way. I want Louis to be gay, I think it would be awesome and he fits it. Did I say flat out “he is gay.” No. I said if you don’t “think.” Class dismissed.